The Summer 2021 Collection

Our summer collection is meant to be vibrant, energetic, and beautiful, much like the women adorning our pieces. This year, Maska is all about versatility. From work from home outfits that are as comfortable as they are stylish, to the latest trendy dresses you would be wearing on vacation, our summer collection did not shy away from bringing you the most unique and coveted Italian styles.

While Italian fashion is a pioneer of maximalist fashion, it does not mean that we do not embrace staple pieces either. In fact, we firmly believe that they are one of the best ways to style prints and patterns. This summer, don’t be afraid to try out a new pattern or texture by pairing it with our *basics*. Both stylish and timeless, this piece will stay with you forever and be your favorite during every season.

Maska also prioritizes versatility, especially for the modern woman. That is why our summer collection is made for the busy, lively 21st century woman. From easy-to-wear dresses that are equal parts comfort and equal parts high fashion, to stylish two piece sweat sets you can run around in, this collection has something for everyone.

In fact, Maska not only wants to bring to you the latest Italian trends; we want you to fall in love with your closet. This summer, be excited to get dressed, every morning. Shop our summer collection here.


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