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Eyeing Eyelet: The Summer 2021 Trend

Eyeing Eyelet: The Summer 2021 Trend

While summer is synonymous with ephemeral florals and prints, Maska’s pièce de résistance this season is something a little bit more minimal. Embracing more timeless styles and a feminine look,...

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A Boho Summer - Maska

A Boho Summer

As summer rolls around, many look to swap out structured pieces and layers for comfier, breezier ensembles. And, summer and its festivities is the perfect time of year for more...

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The Summer 2021 Collection - Maska

The Summer 2021 Collection

Our summer collection is meant to be vibrant, energetic, and beautiful, much like the women adorning our pieces. This year, Maska is all about versatility. From work from home outfits...

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Introducing: The MASKA Blog - Maska

Introducing: The MASKA Blog

The Maska Blog will feature posts on styling our pieces, transitional fashion, Italian trends, and more, all using Maska’s iconic pieces. Because our pieces are meant to be cherished for...

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